Repboards allow you to work the top end of your Bench Press, and overload the Triceps. There is no better way to develop the horseshoe muscle in your Triceps than using Repboards on the Bench Press
Repboards allow you to reduce range of motion on the Bench Press. Lifting over a reduced range of motion, means you will be able to handle heavier weights than over the full range of motion.
Repboards will have you Benchin' more weight in no time at all, more weight means more Muscle.
In your attempts for a new one-rep max on the bench press, you’re likely to hit a dreaded mini-max: a weight that you can press off your chest but can’t lock out on your own. Competitive powerlifters train past these sticking points using board presses. Once you have identified wherever your mini-max happens to be, you need to work out how many bench boards you need in order to start the lift from just before that point. This allows you to overload that specific area of the bench press where you’re weak. Workout your mini-max

Three board press with 125 for 2x3, was pretty easy!

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There is no better way to build stronger Triceps than bench pressing with 3 or more boards. The bench press requires the Pectorals, shoulders and back muscles to be used, however benching off 3 boards takes the emphasis off these muscles and makes the triceps perform the brunt of the work. Nonetheless because more muscle groups are required in the 3 board press, unlike tricep extensions for example, which isolates the triceps, your able to increase the amount of weight used and therefore increase the stimulus applied to the body.

Another great exercise for working the triceps, and is a great finisher for Bench/Chest day is Tricep hell